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~ Thursday, July 24 ~

i love minnesota so much

in norway at school i made a bunch of american and canadian friends and one irish friend and we were like “you should visit the US” to him
and he was like “yes but where, you all live all over the place, who of you should i visit” and we were all in unison like
“you should go to minnesota”
even though none of us lived in minnesota we were just like “we’ll meet you there. we’ll show you minnesota.”

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all my BEST puke stories take place in minnesota bc minnesota is FULL of foods i cant eat without puking

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my mom wouldnt let me eat smoothies for like years and years after that


minnesota stories

ive actually only been to minneapolis for real once (vs. just driving through there)

i was ten years old and i flew in by myself and my grandma and grandpa picked me up and i asked for a strawberry smoothie at the airport, and they bought me one, then we went to the mall of america, and i asked for another strawberry smoothie, and they bought me one.

and then i spent the night at my great aunt’s house on the pullout couch with my cousin (who was like 12) and i puked bright strawberry-red vomit all over the entire bed and my cousin went screaming for my grandma and my grandma came into the room and thought i was like coughing up blood and dying and everyone freaked out

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scootermoto replied to your post:its funny bc im leaving to go to That Dark Place…
make sure you come down to the twin cities if you can!

AHH I WISH but i cant, we’re just doing visiting family stuff and we dont go south at all


its funny bc im leaving to go to That Dark Place literally tomorrow morning

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or a cobber wow jk no i could not live four years of my life in the Dark Place aka moorhead minnesota


hope youre all grateful that i went to art school otherwise i probably wouldve been um ya ya

~ Wednesday, July 23 ~

one time in high school this boy was like “are you italian?”

me: “no”
him: *looks at my arm hair* “you have such hairy arms though. that’s so italian”

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no one in the irl worlds mistakes me for swedish, though. or norwegian. or any of the things i actually am (besides that one nurse i was talking about the other day)
everyone thinks i am italian

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